Authentication service using “Transportation IC card”


All Full conference attendees will receive “nimoca card” by “Nimoca Co., Ltd” at the registration counter of the conference.

In the conference hall, this card can also be used as an admission pass to the session area and the lunch venue where only the conference attendee can enter and also as a lunch exchange ticket.

Outside of the venue, you will have free rides of Nishitetsu bus in the Fukuoka city by using this card during the week of this conference.

Please experience various services by transportation IC card, such as transportation use, electronic money, digital free ticket, admission control and digital ticket certification.

Image of IC card to be handed over
(It may differ from the actual design.)


Since this IC card assigns an arbitrary number according to the type of lunch that you chose, you can not identify an individual with the IC card number. Please use it at ease during and after the conference period.

This card can be used as a regular "nimoca card" even after the end of the exhibition. However, it can not be used as a commuter ticket by writing the commuter pass information.

This IC card is a memorial card. Therefore we will not exchange due to refund, loss or damage.

Usage in the venue

This nimoca card functions as an admission pass to the paid session area and conference attendee exclusive lunch venue in the international conference hall by eMoney system (cloud type ID authentication function) provided by JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

In addition, by touching this nimoca card to the IC card reader within the lunch venue, the lunch type (General diet, Vegetarian diet, Halal food) will be displayed as a digital ticket and you will receive lunch promptly.

Usage outside the venue

By the contribution of Nishi-Nipponn Railroad co., Ltd., you will have free rides of Nishitetsu Bus in Fukuoka City by using this card from May 7th until May 12th.
Please make use of it not only for use during the conference period but also for sightseeing after the exhibition.

Free rides area

  • General route bus only. “Express bus”and “Fukuoka Open Top Bus” will not be free
  • If you exceed the applicable range, you will get an overstrip fare.

How to ride the Nishitetsu Bus

This card can be used as electronic money by charging cash. Then you will be able to use it for shopping, getting on the subway and the places you can see the following logos. We plan to have an extra charge machine inside the international conference center during the conference.

Sponsored by

JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

Nishi-Nipponn Railroad co., Ltd.
Nishi-Nipponn Railroad co., Ltd.


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