Technical Session

TS07 May 9, 09:00-10:30 / Room414

Connected Car


Controlling Sensing Information Dissemination for Collective Perception in VANET

Kaito Furukawa (Shizuoka University, Japan), Mineo Takai (University of California, USA) and Susumu Ishihara (Shizuoka University, Japan)


Achieving Secure Vehicle-to-vehicle Key Establishment in LTE-A Networks

Qinglei Kong and Maode Ma (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Adopting V2X Technology to Improve Motorcycle Safety

Yen-Yu Chen (Vehicle Safety Certification Center, Taiwan), Chien-Pang Liu, Mu-Han Wang (Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan), Chih-Ching Chang (China Engineering Consultants, Inc, Taiwan, Taiwan), Tien-Pen Hsu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), I-Heng Meng, Chi-Sheng Lin (Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan)


Comparative Analysis of the Accident Collision Features of Motorcycle and Bicycle to Propose Collision Warning Strategies Using V2X

Tien-Pen Hsu, Wei-Lun Hsiao and Wan-Ching Ho (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)


Implementing Smart Intersections by Adopting V2X Technology to Improve Safety

Yi-Chuan Wang and Hui-Sheng Feng (Bureau of Transportation Taichung City Government, Taiwan)

Moderator: Dr. Vrizlynn Thing (A*Star, Singapore)

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