3-10-10 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan

The KDDI group (KDDI and KDDI Research, Inc.,) has two exhibits.

The first is a "Demonstration of automatic driving of automobiles" and the other is "Disaster information system provided jointly by Toyota Motor Corporation and Oyo Corporation".

At this venue (Fukuoka International Conference Center), we are introducing demonstrations of each exhibition, and at the exhibition booth next to the escalator on the 1st floor, you can see a demonstration of the remote monitoring of the car.

At the Nishitetsu driving school, we will also demonstrate automatic driving.

Driverless autonomous driving (level 4 self-driving) is demonstrated by monitoring driver-view video from the remote office (Fukuoka International Congress Center). Visitors can experience riding in the autonomous car with autonomous driving on a sloping road and S-shaped curve. If problems occur, the remote manual operation system will automatically take control. Ensuring a stable mobile communication environment in order to realize an uninterrupted video communication, becomes the key issue to cleating this technology. We have a plan to achieve low latency communication using 5G and the last mile mobility service.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the KDDI booth.

Categories: Public transportation support / Automatic driving technology (LV 2-4) / Next-gen public transportation

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