Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co.,Ltd.

1-11-17, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-8570, Japan

Nishitetsu Group
The group’s 83 companies and one incorporated educational institution are united in the goal of acting as a driving force behind Fukuoka’s development as a city, as well as actively striving to achieve further growth by expanding our global businesses. The company’s philosophy is “to strive to provide services that give customers a sense of safety, comfort and expectancy. Our goal is to bring people together and carry their hopes, developing with and for the region”. Based on this and our Corporate Message, “Connecting your Dreams,” the guiding principle behind this philosophy, we aim to be the kind of corporate group in which each and every employee pulls out all the stops for the customer.

The group’s core business is transportation services including bus and railways such as the Nishitetsu Omuta Line and the Kaizuka Line. In relation to that, we mainly run real estate, distribution, logistics, and leisure and service businesses. Our goal is to gain further inroads in regional markets in Asia, our key area for opening up business ventures, expanding our global business base along with our international logistics business.

Bus Business
The Nishitetsu Group runs bus services in Fukuoka. We operate 2,795 public transportation buses and 305 tourist buses. The total distance travelled per day is 392,000 kilometers which is equivalent to travelling 10 times around the Earth. We strive to make sure that our bus service efficiently serves a large area of Fukuoka prefecture and serves as a convenient mode of transportation by introducing transit discounts among others. In 2008, we started “nimoca”, a transportation IC card. Using the data obtained through passengers’ nimoca card, we improve the bus schedule to make it more convenient.

Introduction to the Nishitetsu Group booth.
(Nishitetsu Bus Location System)
We obtain location information from buses and provide such information to passengers together with bus schedule data.
In this exhibition, we will explain this mechanism and introduce the equipment installed at the bus stops.

(Smart Bus Stop System)
Currently, many of bus timetables and announcements at bus stops are posted on paper and are replaced manually every time the contents are updated. This is set to be replaced by the Smart Bus Stop System, which will use IoT to display the information digitally and remotely. Such improvement would not only help reduce manual work, but also make it possible to inform passengers waiting at the bus stops of real time bus status information in the event of disasters or accidents.

(Bus Data Utilization Project)
Various data obtained from buses such as operation status and number of passengers, help to improve bus schedules and route planning. Currently, the analysis of numerical values presented by the software is done manually. In this exhibition, we will demonstrate our pilot project to digitally visualize the numerical data, such as by intuitively interpreting the data in relation to a map in order to develop a more efficient operation plan.


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