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The Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) Singapore is a non-profit association with the aim to bring together the professional interests of those in public and private organizations, practitioners, academics and researchers related to ITS, and create opportunities for networking and interaction.

Its missions are:

? To promote & support the development of the ITS Industry in the interests of Singapore

? To represent Singapore and support the activities & interests of the ITS AP & ITS WC entities

? To champion, promote & protect the interests of companies, business organizations, educational and research institutions, firms, partnerships & other entities legally organized for ITS business in Singapore

? To act as the advisory, consultative & coordinating body for the ITS Industry

? To promote, organize, manage & stage seminars, conferences, exhibitions & other events relevant to the ITS Industry.

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Our Partners at Singapore Pavilion

At the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2018, we have with us a few key partners from Singapore at the Singapore Pavilion. They are:

FLIR Systems Co. Ltd
Quantum Inventions Pte Ltd
Kapsch TrafficCom

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