SIS09 May 10, 11:00-12:30 / Room413

ITS deployment opportunities from the viewpoint of financing, policy and technology

Asia Pacific region, especially South East and South Asia, is one of the promising and emerging economic areas and it will grow rapidly with larger number of population at urban cities. ASEAN community will grow rapidly as if it looks like one economic region. In order to grow as sustainable development, various aspects should be considered. One of them is transport. As we know about huge traffic jam in various cities, we need to mitigate as possible because this is the tremendous loss in economy.
Although, the orthodox solutions are to improve the capacity of people and good movements by constructing road and railway infrastructure, we would discuss how to improve efficiency of mobility by deploying ICT and ITS technology. Basically we would discuss based on the existing infrastructure, but we could extend ours to refer to some improvements to infrastructure.
Each city has its own characteristics using various types of mobility and historical background so that the solution will basically differ city to city. Also some cases might be cross boarder issues to be solved. It would be good to have common core approaches to solve and validate to a certain area so that these could become the horizontal expansion in the region. Therefore, we need to view from the technology, policy, and funding scheme point.This session focuses discussions from the international institution points of view, how they look the region from these three viewpoints. By expressing each institutional standing point and introducing its ongoing and planning phase projects, the measurements to improve mobility in this area will be discussed from the points of technology, policy, and finding.

Organizer & Moderator: Nobuyuki Ozaki, Senior Fellow TOSHIBA Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, Japan
Speakers: Changju Lee, Economic Affairs Officer Transport Policy and Development Section, Transport Division United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PacificThe United Nations
Speakers: Daniel A. Levine, Senior Officer World Bank Group Social, Urban, Rural and Resiliance Global Practice Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) Program
Speakers: Kawahara Shuntaro, Senior Advisor, Infrastructure and Peacebuilding Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan
Speakers: KI-JOON KIM, Principal Transport Specialist Sector Advisory Cluster Sustainable Development and Climate Change Development ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK

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