SIS03 May 9, 11:00-12:30 / Room411,412

Innovation for better mobility

The innovation such as car-sharing, ride-to-go bicycles and driverlesscar/plane are booming around the world in recent years. With the increasing big data from the mobility, people could create more and enjoy more convenient and low cost transport in the future. What are the bottle-neck issues during the innovation ? What's the key factor/technology in the innovation ? What future could we expect for the future mobility ? A inspiring imagination and fruitful discussion will be filled with this session.

Organizer: Weiyun Jiao, Vice Secretary-General, China ITS Industry Alliance, China
Moderator: Jianqiang WANG, Professor, Tsuinghua University, China
Speakers: Richard Harris, International Director of ITS UK, United Kingdom
Speakers: Mohit Sindhwani, Head of Innovation & Technology, Quantum Inventions Pte Ltd, Singapore
Speakers: Jinling HU, Chief Engineer, Datangnetwork, China
Speakers: Norio Yamaguchi, Director, CPS BusinessPromotion Office, SoftBank Corp., Japan
Speakers: Majid Sarvi, Professor in Transport for Smart Cities, the University of Melbourne, Australia

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