Intelligent infrastructure for new mobility

Intelligent and Connected vehicles are so popularly discussed and demo-shown worldwide, although the market expectation has a big gap from the different players. Anyway, there is no doubt that the world is moving to the intelligent society. The new technical trend will definitely bring the development of High Precision Map, New Communication Technology, New-energy Vehicle Charging facilities, the traditional infrastructure will become more intelligent for the new mobility. As to the traditional physical layer, the innovation of the new materials and the new structure designs will certainly bring the world more intelligent infrasyructure.

Organizer:Weiyun Jiao,Vice Secretary-General,China ITS Industry Alliance
Moderator:Prof. Meng Li, Tsuinghua University ,P.R. China
M) Prof. Meng Li, Tsuinghua Univ. China
S1) HAD Map, Japan
S2) Tsuinghua Univ. China
S3) Delphi
S4) Qualcomm