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HS01 May 8, 14:00-15:30 / Room411,412

ITS for handicapped persons and vulnerable road users

Elderly or disabled people who have difficulty moving about tend to stay indoors. However, this is not healthy. So, Auto-drive personal vehicles were developed for these immobilized people. These vehicles are called “Partner Mobility” because they can be controlled by voice Commands, and contain a system that enables the vehicle to discuss appropriate destinations with the users. This session introduces the Partner Mobility vehicle, and suggests a new welfare service model for people who have difficulty moving about. Through the discussion regarding advanced ITS service in each country for handicapped persons and vulnerable road users, we would like to understand the relevance of human rights for transportation in building a more inclusive society.

Moderator: Tomonori Yako, Senior Executive Officer,Uhuru Corporation ,Japan
Speakers: Ken Kamura, President,Come Luck Laboratory, Japan
Speakers: Toshiya Kikuchi, President and CEO, Miraio Inc., Japan
Speakers: Daisuke Azuma, Professor, Faculty of Engineering,Kurume Institute of Technology, Japan

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