Host Selected Sessions

HS02 May 8, 16:00-17:30 / Room411,412

Infrastructure Technologies for Autonomous Driving Implementation

Panelists will discuss how we can realize the highly information-oriented society based on geospatial information supporting ITS. Positional information is essential for ITS, and the accuracy level required for autonomous driving is beyond comparison with conventional services. Possibilities and challenges of autonomous driving and disaster prevention technologies contributed by highly accurate positioning information, which can be achieved with high definition map data and latest satellite systems, will be discussed.
The discussions also include topics such as potential of Asia market, collaboration of mapping companies, and expectations to the industries and government.

Moderator: Satoru Nakajo Ph.D. , Chief Project Manager, Infrastructure Business Group Leader, Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., Japan
Speakers: Tsutomu Nakajima, President, Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd., Japan
Speakers: Moon J. Lee, Vice President General Manager Japan/Korea, HERE Technologies, Japan
Speakers: Yasuhide Shibata, Senior General Manager, High-precision Positioning, Systems Dept., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Electronic Systems Group., Japan
Speakers: Kiyohiro Yamauchi, General Manager, IoT Alliance & Sales, ZENRIN Co., Ltd., Japan

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