Cyber security in ITS

The availability and reliability of ITS depend on the security of the overall ITS system.
With the growing emphasis on cyber security, this session will discuss the cyber security risks in the transportation sector, analyse the challenges in mitigating such risks, and further discuss possible mitigation and protection measures. These require greater consideration of the potential threats on road infrastructure, processes and the possible consequences.Speakers will also discuss the severity of the risk, how risks could be mitigated and how organisations may protect themselves against these threats.

モデレータ: Andrew Chow, President, ITS Singapore, Singapore
スピーカー: Justin Dauwels, Associate Prof, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
スピーカー: Vrizlynn Thing, Head, Cyber Security Cluster, Institute for InfoComm Research, A*Star, Singapore
スピーカー: Chuan Wei Hoo, CTO, ST Electronics (InfoSecurity) Pte Ltd, Singapore
スピーカー: Grace Ong, Director, Transportation Technology, Land Transport Authority, Singapore