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AICHI STEEL CORPORATION / Advanced Smart Mobility Co., Ltd.


DeNA Co., Ltd.


Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Infracomms Pte Ltd / MobileMark Inc.

IT Access Co., Ltd. / ACCESS CO.,LTD. / AdaCore

JTEKT Corporation


Kyusyu Regional development Bureau

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Corporation / Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.


Solace Corporation

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. / Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd

Tom Tom

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation


T&S Ltd.

Zenrin Co., Ltd

ITS Solution Stage

ITS Solution Stage will be held at 2nd floor in Fukuoka Sun Palace.
Participating companies will speech the latest solutions related of ITS.

May 8
Seiko IT Solution Co.,Ltd

For the global logistics companies, We provide cloud service such as container inventory control in the container terminal, and cargo management of import/export for shipping companies.
They have been used widely in domestic and foreign countries. We have started smartification using IoT for recognition of damaged container, location management of a chassis and leading the truck in the container yard.

OPTiM Corporation

OPTiM utilizes AI and IoT to transform various industries. Our robotics technology covers the “last mile” in connecting technologies and actual work sites. OPTiM’s drones are enhanced by AI technologies to be partners for the next generation of farmers. They are specialized eyes and ears for the farmers, and also accumulate experience and help with decision-making. We have discovered that work sites are actually sources of intellectual property and are ripe with hidden competitiveness.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

We have various Property and Casuality insurance business in global market, and rapid progress of digital technology, we are expanding other business area by using digital technologies.
Our digital labolatries at both US and Israel is the key to develop products and services that utilize new technologies such as AI. So we will introduce our several amazing initiatives.


We would like to explain various issues concerning legal liability of autonomous driving car accidents under the laws of Japan.

IBC Co.,Ltd

With the rapid development of the IoT device market, security measures for IoT devices are indispensable. In this presentation we will show you how to solve the security problem by applying block chain technology combining integrity and availability to the electronic certificate and providing confidentiality in the IT layer of the IoT device.

May 9
Kyushu Economic Research Center (KERC)

In Industrie 4.0, there are movements to utilize ITS for regional economic vitalization. We conducted research on logistics industry that needs urgent improvement in labor shortage and work style reform among regional challenges that require mobility innovation. We report about the necessity and direction of regional ITS projects to support safety operation and to optimize line-haul and delivery.

DeNA Co., Ltd.

Recently, Japan has faced higher numbers of transportation vulnerable and a logistics crisis in conjuntion with its aging society and manpower shortage. We believe self-driving mobility services will be effective in addressing these issues.
We will introduce DeNA's mobility services and show our efforts in the ITS field, including the field test results for vehicle-infrastructure communication.

Solace Corporation

Connecting 10 million vehicles are no longer an unrealistic dream.
The platform must be ready to accommodate rapidly increasing cars, mobile devices and services safely in terms of capability, scalability, security, stability and manageability.
In this session, Solace will provide with the solution to achieve the objective, based on the proven use cases in the world.

Cisco Systems G.K.

Today’s cars are highly computerized, with hundreds of sensors to assess everything from tire pressure to a loose gas cap. Connected Roadways is the infrastructure that the connected vehicle will drive on. It will make it possible for vehicles to connect to that infrastructure, communicate vehicle to vehicle, and more.This infrastructure will manage security, mobility, and access to real-time data.

T&S Ltd,

What is the user experience to realize comfort, the pleasure of the person while a smart city, technical advancement including the automatic driving advance? One solution is MR.
Product introduction, show case, talking session(Qtnet)

NTT Communications Corporation

Explain policy of the government proceeding with large-scale demonstration and institutional reform for spread for autonomous vehicles. And, explain the required IT infrastructure that autonomous vehicles are required to accumulate, analyze and utilize various data such as video data, dynamic map, probe data, inter-vehicle communication, etc.

Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) Singapore

Singapore has a wide variety of ITS deployed throughout the nation and uses innovative ways to provide a high level of service to its diverse users. In addition, as Singapore continues its journey towards becoming a Smart Nation, technologies from ITS and Smart Cities are coming together. Join us at this session to learn more.

May 10

“XCOA” an autonomous information sharing / linkage system for car-to-car and road-to-vehicle communication purpose. Server infrastructures has been facing huge information management challenge by requiring of aggregating and managing data. TRIART have developed “XCOA”, a serverless autonomous infrastructure technology by utilizing blockchain and P2P technology.


Co-operation Exhibition

This exhibition will show you the worldview of the Everyone’s Mobility by ITS, the concept of the congress this time.

Co-operation Exhibition 1

Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.

Towards realizing of “enjoying the freedom of mobility”
Honda’s motorcycles have been beloved by people around the world as tools to make people’s lives colorful at will and also as comfortable and convenient transportation means. Honda produced approx. 17 million units of motorcycle in 2016.
In the exhibition, mainly big motorcycle models including Gold Wing Tour are presented from production models of Kumamoto factory of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. which is the mother factory of motorcycle production.
The Gold Wing Tour undergoes the first full-model change in the last 17 years applying many advanced technologies, such as Honda's proprietary DCT technology. We also introduce motorcycles, such as CRF1000L with V2X technology having the advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface), from the ITS field. Please try many models and enjoy our motorcycles with wonderful experience.

Co-operation Exhibition 2

TOYOTA MOTOR KYUSHU, INC., TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Kurume Institute of Technology

Connected to broaden mobility world
There are dramatic change around the automobile industry such as the ICT technology , IoT and big data, AI. The majority of automobiles will be connected to the network and create the new value and services in the near future.
We will introduce the safe, comfortable, convenient and ecological society achieved by the car communicating with road infrastructure and pedestrians. We also introduce the new possibility of mobility by the autonomic wheel chair with an AI engine.

Co-operation Exhibition 3

KDDI and KDDI Research, Inc.

The demonstration of the remote monitoring of the car.
Here, you can see a demonstration of the remote monitoring of the car.
At the Nishitetsu driving school, we will also demonstrate automatic driving.
Driverless autonomous driving (level 4 self-driving) is demonstrated by monitoring driver-view video from the remote office (Fukuoka International Conference Center). Visitors can experience riding in the autonomous car with autonomous driving on a sloping road and S-shaped curve. If problems occur, the remote manual operation system will automatically take control. Ensuring a stable mobile communication environment in order to realize an uninterrupted video communication, becomes the key issue to cleating this technology. We have a plan to achieve low latency communication using 5G and the last mile mobility service.

Vehicles active in the city

Venue Fukuoka International Congress Center "Green way"
Exhibition Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
Bus Rapid Transit
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyusyu Regional Development Bureau
Yamaha Motor Land Car
Supported by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyusyu Regional Development Bureau
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

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