Traffic Signal Prediction System (TSPS) Demonstration


The demonstration to experience the three functions of Traffic Signal Prediction System (TSPS) which is standardly installed in Honda’s Accord Hybrid. The three functions are, Passing Support, Stopping Support, and Starting Support.
This system is designed to support smooth driving and environmental countermeasures by using traffic signal information obtained from road-side infrastructure system, such as infrared beacons. When a vehicle passes through an signalized intersection, the system provides recommended speed or optimal deceleration-starting timing on the on-board display for smooth passing. Moreover, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, the remaining red-light time is displayed to prevent a delay in resuming driving.
With this support system, fuel economy enhancement and smooth driving support will be implemented by restraining unnecessary acceleration and deceleration when driving through the traffic signals.

System Operation Image

Demonstration Vehicle
Honda [ACCORD Hybrid]

Demonstration Course

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